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Before you contact us, check out our comprehensive Help Center. We've created hundreds of useful articles and videos to help you build an awesome app!

    1. Go to our Help Center.
    2. Type your question or term in the search box. 

    3. If your answer isn't showing up, try searching again using a different search term.

    4. Still not what you were looking for? Click ASK A QUESTION.

    5. ​Enter your issue or question, your name, your email address and the app name that your issue relates to.

    6. Provide us with more details about your issue.
      • Click one of the following: 
        Ask a question, Request a new feature, or Report a bug
      • Select the category that relates to your issue.
      • Select the more specific subcategory that relates to your issue.
      • If you are reporting a bug, select in which location the issue occurs (i.e. in the Como Console, in the app itself or both)
      • Describe your issue in more detail. The more we know, the better we can help you.

    7. Optional: To add a screenshot, click + Add Screenshot, browse to the image on your computer and click Open.

    8. To submit your request, click SEND TICKET and a support specialist will contact you as soon as possible.

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